Hello Shared Team!

Welcome to my portfolio page, here I would like to showcase some of my best work, but if you're still interested in more, feel free to browse around the website!

This is not a public page on my website, so to come back simply select it again from my cover letter.


Motion Graphics & Kinetic Typography

On the top is a kinetic typography video of a monologue from Half-Life 2 Episode 2, the middle is kinetic typography set to Mackelmore, and on the bottom is a motion graphic showing the function of a fictitious app called Kitchen Helper. (More typography here)

Trailer Editing & 3D Rendering

The following 2 trailers were recorded and edited by me, the first for a game level I created and was advertising, the second for my thesis project's final release.

3D Rendering & Animation

On the top is the final product of my self-imposed environment design challenge, and on the bottom is a short animation putting a comedic twist on the 'bouncing ball' project, a classic first assignment in animation.

Documentary Film Editing

The following two shorts were shot, directed, edited, and post-produced by me for my private ventures in game development. Both are somewhat lengthy videos so feel free to skip around in them.

Comedic Film Editing

On the complete other end of the spectrum from the documentary style editing I have done, is comedic editing, where I created blooper reels, lighthearted update videos and some comedy shorts. Again, shot, directed, edited and produced by me (for the most part).

Graphic Design

Fallout Poster Series

Minimalist posters portraying the companions of the game Fallout 4. Each styled to match the color scheme of the character, with a telling quote from each as well above. (More here)

Fictional Logo Designs

Several company and brand logos for fictional establishments and services.

Half-Life Poster Series

The posters represent the second trilogy of games, which star the same protagonist but in an evolving environment.

Each piece contains a symbolic object and logo representing the theme of the game, and movie poster style tag lines and credits.

Visual Art

Character Design

To the right are designs for various characters, both existing, for my thesis project, and for personal projects.

3D Environment Design & Modeling

3D Rendering & Modeling

Examples of fully realized, be it realistic or stylized, environments rendered in a variety of 3D software packages, including Unreal Engine 4, Maya with mental ray rendering, Unity 3D and the Source Engine.

If you would like to view more about these projects, check out these pages
Archer | Outskirts | Darkside | Dry Mountain Monastery | Halen: Ballad of the Blade Thief

Thank you for viewing my work, I hope this gives you a good look at what I am as a creative, and what I can offer Shared if I'm given an opportunity to contribute my hard work, and continue to learn valuable skills and techniques.

- Nick Burns