Outskirts is a 3D animated, science fiction, action, web series, set in a dystopian, post-apocalyptic timeline. The show follows a group of Outcast militia fighters who challenge the totalitarian Dominion government. Their journey brings the viewer across much of the world of Icarus, with a blend of drama, comedy, and action.

Concept Art & Renders

Visually the show bears resemblance to a comic book or graphic novel, with simple coloring, cel shading, dark outlines and stylized characters. The animation for the show is motion captured though, for realistic gestures and nuances.

Rough Character Designs
Original Animatic (Old)
Redesigned Partial Animatic (Rough)
Rough Storyboard Sample from Episode 1
Old Artwork and Designs from Pre-2015

As of now, the Outskirts project is closed. But with more time and resources the project may resume or reboot production.

Featured Voice Actors

  • Terri Pimblett
  • Grant Moser


  • Mathieu O'Brien
  • David Lee
  • David Dunkelman