Halen: Ballad of the Blade Thief

Halen is a third person action platformer, where the player uses their agility and skills to navigate the environment, fight enemies, and solve puzzles, while trying to escape the dangerous temple.

The game was created by SkyPyre Studios, our student studio, for our university thesis project. We began working on the game in March of 2016, and concluded development to launch the final version in May 2017. Our goal was to deliver a polished 3D game experience that abides by industry standards, and is accessible to players of various skill levels. But above all else, we wanted to make a fun and well designed game.

The game is set in a sci-fiction / fantasy universe where you play as a thief named Halen who must steal a sword from an ancient abandoned temple. The sword ends up being alive, and it’s up to you to both work together to escape the robots who have been abandoned on the planet and rely on the sword for power.

The scope of Halen for our thesis was a few levels, in order to complete them on top of course load and to the quality we demanded. Levels include fully 3D modeled environments, motion captured cutscenes, fully voiced characters, original soundtrack, and smooth, dynamic animation.

My roles on the team were Project Manager, Lead Level Designer, and Voice Director, I was also a Concept Artist, Additional Writer, and work with SkyPyre's Marketing.

My Contribution to Concept Art
Unreal Engine 4 Rendered Concept Art
In-Game Level Design Pre-Alpha Renders
Screenshots from Throughout the Game

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SkyPyre Team

  • Myself
  • David Lee
  • David Dunkelman
  • Mathieu O'Brien
  • Andrew Smith
  • Michael Dillabough


  • Dr. Ali Arya (Faculty Adviser)
  • Tara Paterson (Voice)
  • Max Leeming (Voice)
  • Mike Rogov (Voice)