Elections Canada Portfolio

Welcome to my portfolio for Elections Canada! This page is designed to be viewed along with my application and resume, and shows specific projects related to the GT-04 position for which I am applying. You may browse my website further should you feel like doing so. However please note, this page is not publicly searchable, so in order to return to it you will have to back up to this page, or find and click the link from the resume.

Adobe Illustrator

EC Certificate Icons - Iconography

Personal Brand Redesign - Logo Design

Statement of the Vote - Illustrator Technical Design

Adobe Photoshop

Pharah Character Design - Photoshop Illustration

Half-Life Poster Series - Photoshop Composition and Thematic Presentation

Adobe Premiere Pro

SkyPyre Studios - Blobs Vidoc 2, Simple Game Design - Documentary Filming & Editing

SkyPyre Studios - Halen Launch Trailer - Cinematic Editing & Composition

Adobe After Effects

Personal branding intro graphic - Motion Graphic Animation

G-Man Speech - Kinetic Typography

EC Motion Graphics Reel - Motion Graphic Animation

Adobe InDesign

EC Certificate Redesign - Technical Design & UX