Darkside is an asymmetric cooperative multiplayer horror game, where one player wanders a damaged and dimly lit space station, while the other has a map of the station and the location of the wandering player. The first person player must gather the necessary equipment to escape, while avoiding a monster that is hunting them throughout. The second player must use the map and the player's position to help them navigate by giving directions and passcodes to the first person player, but they cannot see the monster on the map.

Darkside was designed from the ground up by my team, designing and developing all assets from scratch, powered by Unreal Engine 4. Modeling and animation used AutoDesk Maya, and UI and textures used Adobe Photoshop.

Darkside Teaser

Key Features

  • The monster has several layers of audio, designed to make the first person player unnerved and uncomfortable. As the monster gets closer, the player hears their heartbeat, then the character's nervous breathing, and finally the lumbering footsteps of the monster, before the monster growls loudly as a crescendo to the hunted experience.
  • The first person player may close doors behind them to try and throw the monster off track, but the environment is specifically designed to allow the monster free movement through vent systems, meaning one cannot just lock the monster away.
  • Visually we wanted the world and feel to be simple in pallet, relying mostly on light, shadow, and sound to drive the experience.
  • Cooperative horror games commonly seen in industry today are not as scary as most would desire, and our combination of helplessness on both players, and the aesymmetric nature of the game lead to a truly terrifying experience while playing. Comments often stated that properly finished and polished off, it would make for a great horror experience.

"Ah Leur" Team Members

  • Myself - Environment Modeling and Design, Sound Design, & Project Management
  • Madison Foran - Monster Design, Modeling, Rigging, & Animating
  • David Lee - 3D Modeling & Texturing
  • David Dunkelman - Programming & AI Direction
  • Mathieu O'Brien - UI Design & Player Control

The project is closed at this time, but interest in the fundamentals of the game's design and the aesthetic choices allude to the project's continuation or reincarnation at a later time.

Behind the Scenes Gameplay, Raw Gameplay footage from both perspectives, and voice recording bloopers.