Archer is a deathmatch level designed for the game Unreal Tournament. Built and rendered through Unreal Engine 4, it makes use of various advanced lighting techniques, material properties and high detail meshes. The level is designed to incorporate many of the features of the new Unreal Tournament, most of which are movement options, giving the player a tightly packed, high paced experience.

Remastered Edition (Below)

Original Release (Below)

Over time the level has gone through several iterations and engines. It began in the original Unreal Tournament from 1999, where it was created for a community contest requiring submitted levels to be 300KB or less. A few years later, I redesigned and built a version for Unreal Tournament 2004, but this version was never released. With the release of Unreal Tournament’s new pre-alpha, I revisited the design for the new game, and also as a means to learn about Unreal Engine 4.

Environment Detail Showcase

Key Features

  • Powerups are all in highly risk-reward scenarios.

  • Many chances to redirect combat.

  • Weapons are located in their idea arenas.


Free-For-All & Team Based Gameplay Demonstration